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We ‘speak’ words and pictures

First things first, we’re not a a branding, design or marketing agency, but there is certainly some overlap with our services. If you are seeking a major re-brand or consultancy on marketing strategy we can recommend some great people to partner with.

Hickory is here to pick up where the consultants and strategists leave off – we’re practical people who take your ideas, add energy and experience to deliver the finished goods. We’re your flexible support team who are here to get the job done.

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes with their design and print projects – in fact, we look after all things ‘words and pictures’. From brochures to blog posts, flyers, posters and testimonials, we’re full of great ideas backed up by years of experience.

Think of us as your words-and-pictures-savvy PA, here to help you get content written, newsletters created and emails sent.

What’s on your mind?

Have you got a project in mind? If you’d like to know how we can help, just drop us a line to or use our contact form below.