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This was such a lovely project to be involved with!

The fabulous team at Barnsole Primary Trust asked for help compiling a booklet for pupils at the three schools within the Trust to record their experiences and activities as part of the ‘Barnsole Promise’ to each and every pupil.

Having sat down with the team, we helped them to clarify the function of the booklet in detail, how to meet the needs of its audience in an engaging and stimulating way whilst simultaneously attending to practical and cost-sensitivities.

From the brief we developed in collaboration with the Trust team, we worked with our designer to create a simple, useable and engaging document that is being distributed to pupils right at this very moment (yay!).

The result is a charming, engaging document that encourages children of all ages and abilities to capture their journey through the school in their own way. Its flexible format allows children to draw, write or event paste in content to build a keepsake that parents and children will cherish for years after they have moved on from the school


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