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From start-ups to established businesses, the pace at which we burn through online content is on the increase. The web’s insatiable thirst for words and images can be very hard to keep up with, especially for small businesses where responsibility falls to a very small group of people (or maybe just one).

Search engines LOVE content – images, copy, video, tags and categories. Get this right and you can see traffic increase substantially. People LOVE novelty and are constantly drawn to ‘grazing’ online information on their mobile devices. You need to capitalise on the ability to get your message out there at a relatively low price. BUT, there’s an awful lot of noise too – so make sure your content has clarity, concision and flare. People are wise to clickbait (mostly) and feel short-changed if the content of your post isn’t truly life-changing, amazing, stunning or horrifying; they may fall for it once, maybe even twice, but soon they’ll grow tired and reach for that mute button. Low-cost shouldn’t mean low-standards.

Our prescription for success: focussed content, thoughtfully and consistently produced.

Pragmatism is paramount

At Hickory we’ve become adept at producing cost-effective content for everyone from florists to charities, events organisers to architects and accountants. We understand that pragmatism rules and the competing pressures faced by businesses in a world where online content and social media content need to be carefully considered and effectively planned, but can’t cost the earth.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it: scraped together a last-minute blog post, article or newsletter item to support an event or activity that we’ve known about for months, but it’s painful and never our best work.

For help building a library of content that can be used, re-used and re-purposed, why not get in touch today?